ReSea Collect

Together. For a plastic-free ocean.

Sometimes the possibility to use OWP raw material in packaging isn’t present, but the desire to remove plastic from the ocean and rivers remains.

In such cases, we have ReSea Collect.

The Concept

We collect the amount we agree to and document the collection and the process in the exact same way as with OWP. The only difference is that the collected plastic is not included in your packaging.

When you’re a part of ReSea Collect your packaging purchase will result in plastic being collected from ocean and rivers.

For instance, if your packaging weighs 20 grams and is purchased as 30% ReSea Collect, then 6 grams of plastic waste will be removed from the ocean and rivers. At the same time, we will make sure that 6 grams out of the packaging will be made in land-based PCR.

Why use ReSea Collect

Give product impact
Engage consumers by removing plastic from ocean and rivers every time they buy your products.

Boost brand value
We help make your commitment towards a cleaner ocean central in your communication.

Documentation of ReSea Collect

The plastic collections are documented in the same manner as with OWP.

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The ReSea Logo

When you choose ReSea Collect you can print the ReSea Collect logo on your packaging, showing customers that your packaging generates plastic collections from ocean and rivers.

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