Creating solutions to accommodate FDA requirements.

OWP raw material can easily be implemented into packaging solutions when there is a preference to use FDA-approved raw materials.

We offer a double-layer/double-wall packaging service for brands that desire to be part of the impactful Ocean Waste Plastic journey, adhering to formulations that are required to only be in contact with FDA-approved raw materials. The following packaging categories can be produced with an inner double-layer or double-wall made with FDA-approved PCR or FDA-approved Virgin raw material:


Double-wall airless packaging consists of an outer and inner container - a packaging within a packaging. The outer container will be made with OWP raw material, while the inner container, pump, closure, and actuator, are made with FDA-approved materials.


The double-wall caps include an inner and outer cap. The outer cap will be made with OWP raw material and the inner cap with FDA-approved PCR or FDA-approved Virgin.


Double-layer bottles, including the thread, have an inner layer which will be made with an FDA-approved raw material. The outer layer will be made with OWP. This is a technique that does not influence the unit price and can be implemented with any bottle made with HDPE.


Several of our jars can be supplied as double-wall jars, offering containers with two separate pieces, an outer and inner jar. A gasket inside the lid produced in FDA-approved raw materials, ensures that the
formulation is only in contact with FDA-approved raw materials. The lid and the outer container will be produced with OWP.

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