Packaging made with OWP is beautiful and
has an incredible story to tell.

Regardless, if the packaging is a standard model or a customized solution, all packaging containing PP and HDPE can be made with OWP.


The amount of OWP can be customized to suit your needs as long as it is in line with the maximum capacity possible in a given packaging - typically ranging from 20-100%.

Determining the possible amount of OWP in packaging is:
Shape • Color • Tolerances • Purpose

Learn more about the options of implementing OWP in your current packaging solutions.

The quality of OWP

As good as conventional PCR

In general, plastic that has been floating in ocean and rivers for years risks being bad quality and degenerated. However, if the plastic is sorted and treated correctly the final raw material will be of similar quality as conventional PCR materials or even like Virgin.
Our Ocean Waste Plastic setup enables us to provide a OWP raw material that stays within the needed tolerances. This allows us to secure that the packaging we deliver lives up to our high-quality standards.

How we secure the quality

When the plastic waste in ocean and rivers is collected, it is manually sorted at our sorting station in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our well-trained sorting employees know exactly what plastic to keep and what plastic to scrap. This ensures that the finished OWP raw material lives up to the quality standard needed to provide high-quality packaging.

We test every single batch of OWP raw material to ensure that we achieve high-quality standards. Each batch of OWP is tested up against REACH, CalProp 65, and Heavy Metals by Intertek, but we also test it in every production - blow or injection molding, to check if it performs as intended.

For us, the key is certainly our sorting and testing environment, which secures that our packaging made with OWP complies to relevant standards and stays within the specified tolerances to make it perform as our customers expect.

Colors possible
with OWP

Packaging made with OWP is available in a multitude of colorways, however, there are differences between the two materials.

Base color of OWP raw material

OWP is mainly combined with another raw material.

The other material can be one of the following:
Virgin, land-based PCR and FDA-approved land-based PCR.

These other plastic materials are often transparent and will help in achieving lighter color packaging.

Customization in

A unique brand deserves packaging that resonates with it’s identity. We create one-of-a-kind packaging that makes your product stand out.


Partnering with
Pack Tech

With extensive knowledge and experience in designing and delivering
packaging since 1946, Pack Tech has a fundamental belief and goal to
excel in all parts of the supply chain:

In-house designers

We have our own designers.

Local warehouses

We have local warehouses in the US, EU, China, and Indonesia, allowing
a delivery time of maximum 5-10 days.


QC is made with each production.

Minimal tooling costs

We bear most of the costs for tooling on your new
design project, as we believe that unique
packaging is the key to our shared success.

Learn more about the
possibilities with OWP

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