The process behind OWP is documented and transparent.

To collect and process plastic from ocean and rivers is challenging and we have separated those activities into a company called ReSea Project. ReSea Project is owned by Pack Tech and operates and oversees the plastic waste collection, sorting, and processing activities of the supply chain behind OWP.


Every batch of OWP raw material is tested by the German third-party Intertek against: REACH, CALPROP 65 and HEAVY METALS

Only when a batch complies, or a risk assessment is approved, is the batch released for manufacturing of new packaging.

The Highest of


DNV certifies the plastic collections and the sorting process as “Chain Of Custody” to the standard: “Plastics collected in the hydrosphere.”

It is vital for us that our customers feel comfortable with the setup and the documentation behind OWP. Therefore, the entire OWP process, from collecting, weighing, registering, and sorting the plastic waste is fully traceable, documented, and is certified by DNV.


To ensure compliance with the certification the plastic collections are audited 3 times yearly by DNV.


The plastic collections are documented by batch number, coordinates, pictures, date, and initials of the plastic collector. All the data is registered in the VeChain blockchain.


The weight of the plastic is controlled at several
checkpoints throughout the process. The weighing is audited by Intertek.


DNV verifies each batch of collected plastic and the data/tracking connected to each batch.


A blockchain-based tracking system secures realtime data and tracks the origin of the collected plastic waste and all the steps of the collection. This ensures true authenticity and the highest level of traceability. DNV harnesses the blockchain and uses it for conducting assurance.

Blockchain includes coordinates and pictures of plastic once located in the water, as well as the date and initials of the collector, weight, plastic type, and batch number.

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