2023 Changes

Changing the concept of OWP.

Considering the changing legislations in EU, AU, and the US, and due to the results of the heavy investments made in our supply chain, we have chosen to sharpen our product offering.

What OWP was

Until August 2023

Until August 2023, we used our two OWP logos to describe to the market that the packaging at hand either contains raw material covered by the OWP brand or that the packaging is made with a land-based PCR material, where the percentage of OWP determines how much plastic will be collected in ocean and rivers corresponding to each packaging sold. We market it as OWP+ to describe the raw material and the OWP-concept to describe the difference. We have used these two logos to market the options:

What OWP is from the 31st of October 2023


The implementation of the following changes to the definition began in August 2023, with the final cut-off date for the replacement of the old definition from the 31st of October 2023.

This logo represents a raw material which is made of plastic waste collected in ocean and rivers.

When printed on a packaging or displayed in combination with a packaging, the following logo must be used in conjunction with a specification of the percentage of OWP raw material in the packaging.

As an example, if a packaging weighs 20 grams and is made with 20% OWP, 4 grams of plastic is collected from ocean and rivers and the equivalent amount of plastic collected from ocean and rivers is used as an ingredient in the packaging.

ReSea Collect

This logo represents a packaging made in either Virgin raw material or land based PCR raw material – but at the same time, the production of the packaging generates plastic collections 1:1 of the percentage of ReSea Collect.

As an example, if a packaging weighs 20 grams and is chosen as 20% ReSea Collect, 4 grams of plastic is collected from ocean and rivers but not reused as an ingredient in the packaging.

A deadline concerning

We are aware that there will be packaging on the market with the OWP-logo that were manufactured before this change of the definition of OWP. Such packaging will most likely be made within the “OWP-concept”.
We are also aware that we can’t ask/force any OWP customers to implement the change in the OWP-definition without some time to prepare.

For that reason, we have chosen the following:
• We will accept orders within the current definition until the 30th of September 2023.
• From the 31st of October 2023, a packaging will display one of the following logos only:

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