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Our process appears simple, due to undergoing years of refinement.

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The Steps

Collecting the plastic

Plastic waste is collected from the ocean and rivers by local collectors in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Documentation of the collections

The plastic collections behind Ocean Waste Plastic are certified by DNV and documented by batch number, coordinates, picture, date, and initials of collector.

Weighing the collected plastic

The weight of the plastic is controlled at several checkpoints throughout the process.

Arrival at the sorting station

At the ReSea sorting station, the plastic is once again weighed and registered in the blockchain system.

Sorting the collected plastic

The plastic is carefully fine-sorted by type of plastic. We currently offer OWP in PP and HDPE.

Bale press the collected plastic

The sorted plastic is bale pressed and then delivered to plastic processors.

Shredding & washing the plastic

The plastic is shredded, washed, and melted to create OWP granulate.

Making packaging out of OWP

The granulate is transported to Pack Tech which uses it to make OWP Packaging.

P.S. What happens to the plastic we don't use

We hand over all the plastic we are unable to use in the production of new raw materials to Waste4Change or SBI. They then distribute the contaminated plastic to companies that can make use of it. No landfills are used.

The Raw Material

We currently process two types of raw materials:


Used for blow molded packaging

Most of the plastic collected is plastic shopping bags. In the Western world such plastic bags are made out of LDPE, but in Asia they are mainly made out of HDPE.


Used for injection molded packaging

The second most collected kind of plastic is single-use plastic cups which is our main source of PP.

ReSea Project

ReSea Project is the company that handles the process behind OWP raw materials and is based in Indonesia. This includes the collection, sorting, and delivery to either a plastic processor or their partners Waste4Change and SBI.

The plastic collection is tracked and the entire process is audited and certified.

ReSea Project has around 50 local collectors based in Jakarta and around 25 employees in the sorting station.

ReSea project is owned by Pack Tech.

As part of Pack Tech, ReSea Project, was founded to handle the supply chain behind OWP.

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