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The concept of Ocean Waste Plastic is a belief, a vision, and a dream. Born from a desire to make a difference for the sake of future generations.

The idea behind Ocean Waste Plastic was born in 2019 after one of the founders, experienced the critical plastic waste problem in the ocean and rivers while traveling with his kids.

Ocean Waste Plastic is driven by Pack Tech A/S with a team of dedicated people who strive to make a positive change by reducing the amount of plastic waste in the ocean.

Controlling the
supply chain

What doesn’t kill you...

In 2020 we experienced serious challenges with the accuracy of our documentation of the OWP raw materials. We disappointed customers that believed in us, and we strongly considered giving up on the project we had started.

We didn’t give up. Instead, we spent two years getting back on track and isolated all activities behind the OWP raw material in a new company called ReSea Project.

Going local

The first step was employing local collectors to do all the plastic collection in-house. We then opened a sorting station in Jakarta, employing over 20 people. This allowed the collected plastic to be sorted in more detail and with full control. Finally, we carefully set up selected partnerships with 2 plastic processors converting the sorted plastic into new granulate that is tested up against REACH, CalPro65, and Heavy Metal by Intertek.

The future

In early 2023, we re-launched our Ocean Waste Plastic with a new logo and streamlined concept. Today, we stand in a stronger place, and look forward to a brighter future.

The company
behind OWP

Pack Tech A/S is a well-established Danish company from 1946 with headquarters in Copenhagen. We design, develop, and deliver packaging mainly to the beauty, home, and personal care industries.

Pack Tech is built on trust. Trust in the quality supplied and trust in the partnerships we enter. Trust in a better future and trust in our capability to deliver more than customers expect.

Pack Tech is represented in twenty-four countries with sales managers spread over Europe, North America, and as far as Australia.

We have local warehouses in the US, EU, China, and Indonesia, securing our delivery times down between 5-10 days in every market we serve.

Our collection site is located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Our Representation

The story behind Ocean Waste Plastic

“Dad, why is there so much plastic in the water?” my daughter asked me during a vacation. Her question was far from simple, and I attempted to provide a thoughtful explanation. I began by explaining that not all countries have effective waste management systems, some individuals do not fully appreciate the importance of not discarding plastic on land or in water, and that more prosperous nations should assist less privileged countries in understanding, developing, and managing their waste. She gazed at me, her young mind grappling with these complex concepts, and then responded, “But why doesn’t anyone clean up the plastic from the ocean?”. Her innocent question not only made her ponder but also set my thoughts in motion.

This singular moment marked the inception of Ocean Waste Plastic. As the owner of a packaging company, Pack Tech A/S, with a team of forward-thinking and innovative employees, I returned to the office and initiated the concept of collecting plastic from the ocean and rivers, giving it a new purpose through the packaging we offer. That seemed as a great way to initiate a solution to the problem with plastic waste in the ocean.

On our mission to rid the ocean and rivers of plastic waste, we rapidly forged partnerships with local communities, unifying all our efforts under the banner of ReSea Project, united by a single overarching goal: to Reclaim the Sea.

Today, our process of collecting and transforming plastic waste into beauty packaging may seem straightforward.
However, it was anything but. It took years of unwavering dedication, continuous innovation, and the resilience to overcome setbacks. At times, we came close to giving up, but our exceptional team persevered, ultimately achieving our goal. With immense pride, ReSea Project now stands as one of only two organizations worldwide with a cleanup process certified by the globally recognized independent third party, DNV.

The demand for packaging manufactured from OWP, coupled with our successful and ongoing plastic collection efforts, has unequivocally validated our concept. Nevertheless, we understand that in an ever-evolving world focused on sustainability, we must adapt proactively to meet the changing needs of our market.

Ocean Waste Plastic is just one of many commendable initiatives dedicated to cleaning our ocean and safeguarding its ecosystems and wildlife. How people choose to participate in this vital mission is a personal decision. Our unique Ocean Waste Plastic concept empowers beauty brands to engage their customers in making a tangible contribution to ocean conservation through their everyday purchases. This involvement fosters brand loyalty, leading to increased profits—a true win-win for all parties, especially for our ocean.

If you’re wondering whether our commitment to a better environment ends with our Ocean Waste Plastic concept, rest assured that it does not. A compelling story is incomplete without evidence of its impact. That’s why, as a company driven by determination and innovation, we offer the following:
Clearly stated CO2 emissions per packaging order, detailing material, processing, and transportation.
A range of new Mono Material packaging designed to prioritize recyclability.
The capacity to produce the majority of our packaging using OWP raw material, including options with an FDA-approved inner layer in conventional PCR or Virgin material.

Know that every morning, our dedicated team embarks on a mission armed with nets and an unwavering determination to clean our ocean, revitalizing both the plastic waste and the beauty packaging industry.
We do this not only for the sake of the ocean but also for the benefit of future generations, like my daughter, who represents the first generation to reap the rewards of the efforts we undertake today.

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