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Ocean Waste Plastic (OWP) is a belief, a vision, and a dream. Born from a desire to make a difference for the sake of future generations. The idea behind OWP was born in 2019 after one of the founders, experienced the critical plastic waste problem in the ocean and rivers while traveling with his kids.

OWP is a circular packaging solution made and driven by Pack Tech A/S with a team of dedicated people who strive to make a positive change by reducing the amount of plastic waste in the ocean.

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In 2020 we experienced serious challenges with the accuracy of our documentation of the OWP raw materials. We disappointed customers that believed in us, and we strongly considered giving up on the project we had started.


We didn’t give up. Instead, we spent two years getting back on track and isolated all activities behind the OWP raw materials in a new company called ReSea Project.

With the start of ReSea Project, we decided to take control of each step in the supply chain. When we established this new step, we became one of only two companies worldwide being certified in collecting plastic in the hydrosphere.

The first step was employing local collectors to do all the plastic collection in-house. We then opened a sorting station in Jakarta, employing over 20 people. This allowed the collected plastic to be sorted in more detail and with full control. Finally, we carefully set up selected partnerships with 2 plastic processors converting the sorted plastic into new granulate that is tested up against REACH, CalPro65, and Heavy Metal by Intertek.

In early 2023 we re-launched our OWP with a new logo representing the new OWP. The future.

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Pack Tech A/S is a well-established Danish company from 1946 with headquarters in Copenhagen. We design, develop, and deliver packaging mainly to the beauty, home, and personal care industries.

Pack Tech is built on trust. Trust in the quality supplied and trust in the partnerships we enter. Trust in a better future and trust in our capability to deliver more than customers expect.

Pack Tech is represented in eleven countries with sales managers spread over Europe, North America, and as far as Australia. With local warehouses in China, the USA, and the EU, we can secure delivery times down to three days in every market we serve.

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