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ZENZ requested that their bottles be unique and drew inspiration from nature. The final ergonomic design adapts to the hand, is easy to empty and refill, and maintains the same organic look and feel as their previous series. At the same time, the bottles are optimized to their filling lines, achieving a higher output per hour with a lower total cost.


Strengthening their commitment to cleaning the ocean, ZENZ has become a leader in the industry by reducing the use of new virgin plastic in their production and creating packaging made with OWP.

We believe that the beauty industry has a responsibility to reduce the use of new virgin plastic and take better care of the world’s oceans and our nature. We can do this, among other things, by recycling plastic and supporting the clean-up work in the world’s oceans in collaboration with Pack Tech and Ocean Waste Plastic.


“The customer already had a well-known brand, but they wanted their
bottles to be more environmentally friendly and to change the overall
design and look of the brand. They asked us to draw inspiration from their distinctive sea-shell-inspired shaped 250ml bottle in the design process. I started by drawing some organic, wavy lines, before developing further into drawings to make the bottle as organic as possible in shape, but still printable and easy to grab. After an approved shape, we were tasked with creating a smaller version for the 100ml bottle. The bottles adapt to the hand, are easy to empty, and give the brand the same organic look.”


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ZENZ, an established Danish-based international haircare brand, is a frontrunner in the beauty industry when it comes to packaging, responsibility, and design. Their philosophy is to create professional product ranges with natural and organic ingredients.

By partnering with Pack Tech and becoming part of the OWP family, ZENZ received a fully customized bottle that reflects their design vision and bottle specifications, made in a cost-effective set-up, allowing for total flexibility.


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